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Close share panel The claim: The government's figures on business rates are misleading because they exclude inflation and an appeals adjustment. Reality Check verdict: The figures do exclude both those things, but government publications specify that they do. The government's figures are for the situation after any appeals have been completed, so they depend on how accurately it has predicted their outcome. The government has produced tables showing how much business rates would rise or fall in the coming year, broken down by region of the country and type of business. The overall effect of all the changes comes to zero, which means that the policy is revenue neutral. But there is a key caveat at the bottom of the table, which is that the figures are: "Before inflation and the adjustment to the multiplier for future appeal outcomes." The inflation part is widely known. The measure of inflation used will become CPI (Consumer Price Index) instead of RPI (Retail Price Index), which will usually mean the increase is smaller, but that change will not happen until 2020. Increasing rates for RPI will add about 2% per year. But the other part is a bit more complicated - it is the adjustment required to make sure that the changes in rates are revenue neutral even after some businesses have appealed against the rated value of their premises and won.