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5 Bags Every Woman Should Own: From the Everyday Carrier to the Evening Clutch

Identifying the discerning qualities that separate essential wardrobe building blocks from, well, just about everything else, becomes all the more discombobulated when it’s a question of accessories. It’s hard, after all, to go wrong with a great bag. The staple is rooted in supreme functionality. The fact that it’s like a vital extension of one’s self is just a supple leather lining. When armed with the pitch-perfect clutch, cross-body, or tote, the piece can quite literally carry your look on any given occasion. The only problem, perhaps, is the wealth of appealing options on the market. In an effort to lighten the load, we’ve narrowed things down to five all-important handbag styles that you’ll be reaching for again and again. For starters, Lanvin’s leather top handle is deceptively roomy and comes with a detachable shoulder strap for added 9-to-5 versatility that will hold up against the usual wear and tear. When the setting extends itself to a more formal, compact kind of carrier, consider trying on Saint Laurent’s classic monogram clutch for stylish size.

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Dove Made Bottles Shaped Like Women's Bodies, And It Didn't Go Well

How, you ask? By splitting women up into categories based on their body types.  The brand is under fire for a campaign recently released out of the U.K. that features a “limited edition” collection of body wash bottles meant to represent different body shapes. There are seven shapes: The phrase “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” flashes across the screen along with images of bottles, some tall and thin, others short and curved.  Perhaps Dove forgot that the very point of inclusion is to speak to women of all different shapes and sizes in the same way, and not based on what their bodies look like?  Did the brand not realize that beauty is, in fact, one size fits all? Dove therefore has an opportunity and responsibility to not make women feel ostracized when they’re just trying to buy some freaking body wash. It’s dark times like these that we turn to Twitter for answers. It did not disappoint.  I'd buy the Dove faux-body-posi crap more if they produced any products for dealing with chub rub or making body hair shiny and soft. — Another Angry Woman (@stavvers) May 8, 2017 . @dove I have arms please advise — rachel handler (@rachel_handler) May 8, 2017 Finally consumers without arms, legs, or heads can buy a soap that truly represents them @FastCompany @Dove So if CVS is out of "skinny bitch" bottles am I not going to be able to get clean? Not sure how this works.

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