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REUTERS/Hannah Mckay Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the country as her husband looks on after Britain's election at Downing Street in London, Britain June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah Mckay Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the country after Britain's election at Downing Street in London, Britain June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth By Kylie MacLellan and Estelle Shirbon | LONDON LONDON British Prime Minister Theresa May was seeking a deal with a small Northern Irish party on Sunday to stay in power after losing her party's parliamentary majority in a catastrophic electoral gamble just days before Brexit talks are set to start. But with May's personal authority in tatters, there were reports that moves were under way within her Conservative Party to dislodge her, while opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was insisting she could be ousted and he could replace her. "Theresa May is a dead woman walking. It's just how long she's going to remain on death row," former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, who was sacked by May when she became prime minister last year, told the BBC. With Britain due to start negotiating the terms of its exit from the European Union with the bloc's 27 other members on June 19, the political crisis in London could not have come at a worse time. Those exit talks, expected to be the most complex in post-World War Two European history, are supposed to wrap up before the end of March 2019 -- a timeline that was already considered ambitious before May's electoral debacle. Her Downing Street office had announced on Saturday that the "principles of an outline agreement" with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) had been agreed, only for the DUP itself to cast doubt on that account hours later. "The talks so far have been positive.

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